invisalignInvisalign clear braces are a strategic and comfortable way to straighten teeth. Correcting teeth with Invisalign results in healthier gums, easier cleanings, and less risk of wear of the bones (both teeth and jaw) that occurs with miss-alignment. Patients receive a new set of aligners about every two weeks to correct their teeth over time. Invisalign works with a wide variety of cases.  Over 1.3 million patients with a wide variety of dental problems have used Invisalign, and 96% of Invisalign clients said that they were satisfied with their experience. Learn more about Invisalign here:

Healthier Gums:

Easier to Floss & Brush. Better overall gum health.

Easy Cleaning:

Significantly reduced chances of plaque retention and tooth decay.

Less Abnormal Wear:

Less wearing down of teeth and less stress on jaw and supporting bone joints.

Invisalign starting point:

Call to schedule your Invisalign consultation. The appointment takes approximately 40 minutes and includes the necessary impressions and photos for Invisalign to give you an assessment of health and cost information.




care-creditLearn more about CareCredit options here:  

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